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We all have experienced dreams in our life, some of the dreams which we have seen are connected with the real life situations. They are like broken links of our past, present and future. If we try to understand the messages in our dream, life would be so easy and predictable. Based on the present situation of an individual he may experience two types of dreams, there are some good dreams and some bad dreams. These dreams are not just the pop ups of our brain but they are the solutions of our problems. These dreams based on the individual situation act as the solution of problem or a warning for near coming adverse situation and most of the dreams are the glimpse of the free mind from the third dimensions of future.

Dreams, predicting future have proved to be an example for the establishment of various theories of psychic dreaming. One such theory of psychic dream is Serialism; this theory was proposed by a well known author and writer J. W. Dunne, he proposed that our mind roam through time during sleep.

This is how dreams leave the fundamental time zone and mind sees future by going to the third dimension at another time level. This is why at times we feel that whatever is happening has already been seen.

Thumb Shapes Palmistry

When it comes to studying the thumb, palm-readers usually focus on the shape. For example, is the thumb thick Flat thumbs indicate meanness and a nervous disposition. By contrast, broad thumbs can show a violent temperament and if you have a slender thumb it might mean you an artistic genius!

Thick Thumbs: Indicates primitive tastes; often uncouth ways; also blunt honesty.
Flat thumbs: Nervous disposition; meanness.
Broad thumbs: Violent outbursts. If the thumb is also short, it could indicate fits of stubbornness that do not last.
Slender thumbs: Poetic and artistic genius, or at least refined tastes.
Stiff thumbs: Plenty of common sense: often stubbornness, exaggerated caution, secretiveness.
Flexible thumbs: Spendthrift disposition; unconventional tendencies.

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Some Crucial Things to Know Before Visiting a Psychic

Visiting a psychic is a wise decision at certain times when all the rational ideologies leave us in the dark. If you are on the same verge and considering knowing the opinion of a spiritual person that is a pro is seeing things beyond the limitations of normal human beings, you must be following a viable path and expect to get answers. But before you schedule a reading with any of psychic, fortune teller, tarot expert or a clairvoyant you should know a couple of things about these professionals.

Let’s explore some of the most crucial things that you need to know before scheduling a reading with the spiritual expert.

The power of “Clear”- “Vision”

“Clear”- “Vision” is phenomenal in the realm of psychic readings. In French, both the words are combined to Clairvoyance and this is considered to be the one-stop power of the spiritual persons. It is said that everyone is gifted with the power but there are a very few that has escalated the powers by constant practicing and reviewing their concepts on their intuition. Their grip on their intuition is also wonderful for which they become excellent clairvoyants.

They can sense spirits

Apart from these rational explanations, it is also a fact that real and superior clairvoyants actually feel the existence of the spirits. Whether they are the souls of the deceased or the guardian angels, they have the powers to feel the existence or the coming and going off the spirits.

This can be tough to believe on practical grounds, but actually, according to many assertions, this is a gift that the psychics are born with. Again in some arguments, it is clearly stated that the psychics or the clairvoyants develop their skill of seeing the spirits only after years of meditation and practice.


The accurate analysis

To enjoy the accurate reading you need to get connected to the real psychics that charge for their consultation whether offline or online. It is almost a myth or campaigning strategy where they claim to offer a free online psychic reading. Stay away from all these things if you are interested to know about the 100% accurate reading.

Credentials do matter

If you have found the psychic all on your own and without any prior experience to consult him/her, it is strongly suggested to check the testimonials and the reviews posted by the previous or the existing clients. This is necessary to stay on the safer side for saving both your precious time and money. Make sure that majority of the clients are happy with their consultations. Otherwise, it is meaningless to waste time and money on a fraud. There are however truly trustworthy and wholly reliable alternatives such as Live Psychic Ltd, the highly professional psychic mediums at that site would never dream of ripping you off.

Exact solutions you need

Is the psychic can give you the exact solutions you are looking for? This is probably the most important thing to consider before you finally visit the psychic. Before scheduling a reading, visit or talk the professional and let them know in which area you are going to talk about them. That can be about relationships, lust, hate, career, marriage, children etc.

Therefore, instead of throwing stones in the dark, it is always a good idea to talk to the experts before scheduling a psychic reading.



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People’s Attitude towards Psychic Abilities

People have a mixture of perceptions regarding psychic people and the psychic abilities. The variations in perception regarding psychics and their abilities are based on the cultural differences. Religion is also a significant factor in shaping people’s perception regarding psychic abilities. Moreover, a person’s own experience regarding psychic people and their powers will determine his approach towards psychics and their powers.

The powers comes with a responsibility

Apart from other people, there is a mixed attitude among the psychics regarding their powers. Psychic powers are so abrupt and spontaneous that sometimes the psychic people themselves are unable to recognize their powers and their whole life is spent without even noticing their psychic powers.


Abilities that counts

Another group of psychics do realize that they are psychics. They are also able to recognize their psychic abilities. But, they take them fore granted and do nothing about them. Here, the attitude towards psychic abilities is again a mixture of positive and negative perspectives. One group of psychics considers it to be a curse which is punishment for their sins. The other group considers these powers to be a gift and there is nothing one can do to enhance or reduce these powers.

A third group of psychics know the importance of their powers and put their efforts in order to increase and/or control them.

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